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Why choose Lockley Performance
for Sports Massage?

Treatments tailored
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At Lockley Performance, your needs shape my massage therapy treatments to help you achieve your goals. Meeting the individual needs of each client while upholding confidentiality is top priority and the primary focus of all treatments.

Not just for athletes

Despite its name, sports massage is not only for those who take regular exercise. All of us are likely to suffer from muscular tension or discomfort at some point in our lives. Sitting hunched over a computer, driving all day, lifting heavy items, repetitive occupational activities, postural problems or even a trip or fall all result in muscular pain and tightness.

How it works

1. Initial Consultation

An initial consultation to find out about your medical history, exercise routine, and main reason for attending the appointment will take place prior to the session. This process will take approximately 10 minutes and then the full 30/45/60 minutes of treatment time will commence. 

2. Individual Bespoke Treatments

Treatments are specific to each individual based upon the information given at the initial consultation. Further information may be relevant for on-going appointments, so it’s important to keep the therapist up-to-date. After-care and rehabilitation advice will be provided after appointments if necessary.

Ollie and athlete looking at a training plan during a 1-1 session
Ollie holding a patients leg during a massage therapy session

Sports Massage Treatments

30 minutes - £25

A specific treatment to one area of the body that requires attention (e.g. legs or back). Full aftercare and ongoing advice included.


45 minutes - £35

A specific treatment to one or two areas of the body that requires attention (e.g. glutes/legs, glutes/back or back/neck). Full aftercare and ongoing advice included.


60 minutes - £45*

A specific treatment to two or three areas of the body that requires attention (e.g. back/glutes/legs). Full aftercare and ongoing advice included.


*For a full-body deep tissue massage please get in contact as this treatment will be longer than an hour (usually 90 minutes).


"I’d recently felt some tightness in my legs and booked to see Ollie. He’s sorted me out and I feel refreshed and those aches and niggles have gone, very comfortable and friendly to deal with. Would highly recommend. Top man"
Daniel Pownall
Regular Customer
"I had a niggling ache in my back and neck and asked Ollie to give me a massage. He was great, very thorough, and thoughtful. He was really good at explaining what he was doing and what he should do to help. He has a great manner and made the whole thing really professional. I'd definitely recommend him - great service and great value"
Steve Taylor
Regular Customer

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